MA Communication Design (current)


RSA Project. (September 2022-January 2023)

RSA competition project to tackle social issues through design. Sarah designed "Feel The Flow" a website and series of toolkits for intergenerational creativity.

Product, Font, Art, Magenta
Organism, Font, Line
Product, Rectangle, Font
Product, Font, Line
Material property, Rectangle, Font
Material property, Rectangle, Font, Magenta

Website Walkthrough Video below.

Book Manifesto Project

A two week project to create a book based on Ulla Engstroms

"Draft Craft Manifesto".

Rectangle, Purple, Font, Violet
Colorfulness, Font, Rectangle
Material property, Rectangle
Rectangle, Font
Automotive design, Purple, Font, Violet, Pink, Rectangle
Material property, Font, Rectangle
Purple, Font
Jersey, Sleeve, Purple, Rectangle, Font, Sportswear, Violet, T-shirt