In my final year in NCAD Textile Art and Artefact I won the staff prize which enabled me to buy a 3D printer to complete my degree collection. I hacked the 3D printer in order to create textile embellishments using silicone. The collection was inspired by cells and organisms and how they work. I created the 3D prints using blender software and also created a short animation using physics simulations.

I achieved first class honours in my degree.

Flower, Plant, Textile, Orange, Petal
Flower, Orange, Sleeve, Textile, Waist, Gesture, Pink
Human body, Hand, Arm, Muscle, Dress, Smile, Neck, Sleeve, Gesture, Finger
Product, Textile, Gesture, Yellow, Finger
Product, Sleeve, Gesture, Font, Red, Magenta
Sleeve, Organism, Font
Sleeve, Knee, Elbow
Hand fan, Sleeve, Pink
Skin, Purple, Sleeve, Pink, Violet, Flower, Magenta, Thigh, Waist