Sarah O' Neill Design Portfolio

Sarah O'Neill is a multi-talented graphic designer with skills ranging from branding, 3D design to web design. With a starting point of a BDES hons in Textile art she then moved to Art Direction for Film and Television, to photography and set design, then finally to the role of a graphic designer with an MA in Communication Design.


hand&seek ma communication design project
Terrestrial plant, Flowerpot, Vase, Houseplant, Liquid
Font, Sculpture

Motion Design

People in nature, Petal, Organism, Gesture, Yellow, Line, Happy
Organism, Font

Publication Design

Material property, Colorfulness, Rectangle, Purple, Textile, Art, Violet, Magenta
Purple, Organism, Plant, Violet

Website Design

Product, Font, Art, Magenta

Art Direction for Film and Television

Interior design, Purple, Pink, Violet, Art

Set Design and Photography for Fashion

Social group, Human, Fashion, Entertainment, Orange, Fun, Window, Artist

Fashion and Textiles

Flash photography, Smile, Orange, Happy, Headgear, Entertainment, Eyewear
Human body, Hand, Arm, Muscle, Dress, Smile, Neck, Sleeve, Gesture, Finger