Sarah O' Neill Design Portfolio


This project was a personal project during 2024.

Through using briefbox as a platform for brand guidelines and briefs I was challenged to create the branding for Rosa.

Rosa is a new flower shop and cafe opening in central London. They are looking to innovate the flower business by not only selling plants but offering a beautiful green space in the middle of the city where people can relax, have a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the company of nature. They’re targeting a younger crowd – the so-called “plant parents”, millennials living and working in London, that might not have time for a pet or kids just yet, but love to fill their houses with plants. They already have a name for the brand in place. The challenge was to create patterns for packaging, a logo, assets for their website, instagram, icons, crests and a mockup of a website.

Plant, Leaf, Gesture, Font
Plant, Gesture, Fruit, Art
Terrestrial plant, Flowerpot, Vase, Houseplant, Liquid
Table, Drinkware, Plant, Flower, Lamp, Serveware
Rectangle, Font
Material property, Hat, Product, Blue, Fedora, Font
Azure, Organism, Line, Font
Woody plant, Azure, Nature, Branch, Textile, Organism, Vegetation, Aqua
Urban design, Product, Green, Plant, Biome, Font
Organism, Font
Font, Flower, Plant
Organism, Font
Body jewelry, Art, Font
Creative arts, Flower, Petal