From 2019-2022 I worked in fashion photography with shoots featured in places such as Totally Dublin. I worked on the set design and photography.

Some of the sets were created on Cinema 4D, while others were handmade.

Photography and Set Design

Human body, Hand, Arm, Orange, Sleeve, Gesture, Headgear
Amber, Orange, Gesture, Font, Red
Creative arts, Material property, Petal, Pink, Rectangle
Human body, Outerwear, Hairstyle, Arm, Shoulder, Furniture, Leg, Dress, Neck, Fashion
Material property, Art, Font, Triangle
Plant, Petal, Branch, Orange, Organism, Insect, Tree, Sky, Twig, Art
People in nature, One-piece garment, Fashion design, Sleeve, Yellow, Art
People in nature, Flash photography, Hair, Head, Gesture, Happy, Art
Material property, Rectangle, Purple, Violet, Font
Art, Red
Flower, Botany, Textile, Petal, Orange
Paint, Gesture, Art, Finger
Purple, Sleeve, Pink, Art
Face, Green, Purple, Plant, Entertainment, Pink
Green, Blue, Nature, Organism, Aqua
One-piece garment, Fashion design, Textile, Dress, Art, Aqua
Social group, Human, Fashion, Entertainment, Orange, Fun, Window, Artist