Established in 2020 Sarah O’Neill worked as Creative Director of her own hat brand SARAHON.

I worked on all aspects of the brand from marketing, design,photography, set design, graphics, social media, animation and hat creation.

My work was featured in the December 2021 Lady Gaga issue of British Vogue. My work has also been featured in The Irish Times, Irish Country Magazine, Image Magazine, The Gloss and is set to be in the summer issue of a well-known British fashion magazine, to be released. My work was exhibited at Showcase Ireland 2022 trade fair and my work was commended at the show.


The hat brand.

Material property, Hair, Hairstyle, Purple, Violet, Pink
Orange, Pink, Petal, Gesture
Cap, Eyelash, Sleeve, Headgear
Cap, Eyelash, Headgear, Plant, Font, Hat, Pom-pom, Red
People in nature, Photograph, Happy, Yellow, Headgear, Paint, Hat
Flash photography, Smile, Orange, Happy, Headgear, Entertainment, Eyewear

“The hats were designed on animation software then printed out as patterns using Japanese software then hand-crafted using multiple techniques.”

-Sarah O'Neill

Font, Sculpture
Liquid, Food, Water, Ingredient, Plant, Recipe
Creative arts, Textile, Sleeve, Orange, Red
Dishware, Ingredient, Cuisine, Violet

Hat Branding

Product, Green, Textile, Rectangle, Font
Organism, Font
Material property, Drinkware, Cup, Font
Material property, Colorfulness, Font, Magenta


Pink, Headgear
Fashion design, Performing arts, Outerwear, Hat, Sleeve, Standing, Gesture, Entertainment, Headgear

Vogue December 2022 (below). Photographed by Rafael Pavarotti and styled by Kate Phelan.

Dazed and Confused. Issue V. Summer 2022.

People in nature, One-piece garment, Sleeve, Hat

The Irish Times Newsspaper Magazine (print and online).Sat January 29th 2022. Written by Deirdre Mcquillan.

Material property, Organism, Rectangle, Font

Interview Image Magazine Online. Written by Sarah Finnan.19th May 2022

Product, Organism, Font